Monday, August 31, 2015


Every Rāhina we head along to visit Katie and Sophie for our Kiwican time. We have been learning all about showing integrity - doing the right thing when noone is watching. This involves showing honesty and taking responsibilty for our actions. We love the activities that demonstrate these skills.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Tuhituhi - Writing Procedures

We have been learning how to write procedures in Rūma Whā. A procedure tells us how to make or do something.

We were also practising how to take photos using the ipads. We used an app called 'Flick' to flick the pictures onto Whaea Rovena's computer from the ipads. This was the first time we had ever done this before, next time we will be even better! It was pretty tricky!

 Here is a procedure we wrote as a class about how to make toast.


Monday, August 17, 2015

Wero o te Wiki - wero tuawhā

On Rāpare our 'Wero o te Wiki' was to make an egg parachute. We had to create a parachute and a basket to save an egg from cracking. We used a plastic bag, paper towels, straws, ice cream sticks and sellotape. We had to drop the egg parachute 2m from the ground. We had to show Critical Thinking skills - we had to plan before we made our parachute. We also had to be Participators - we needed to share our ideas and let others join in. Well done to the Wolverines, they were the only rōpu who didn't crack their egg when they dropped it! Ka pai Stevie, Neshaun, and James.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ko te Wero o te Wiki - wero tuatoru

In tuhituhi (writing) we have been learning how to write Procedures. We read a procedure about making sock puppets. On Rāmere we decided to make some kāretao tōkena - sock puppets! We were being Critical Thinkers. We had to plan our puppets before we made them. We had to think carefully about what we wanted to do. There were 2 rōpu who were the best Critical Thinkers - well done to the Chicky's and The Lions! Ngā mihi to Katene, Merryn, Carlos (The Chicky's) and Lucan, Aliyah, Jackson and Velocette (The Lions). Here are some pictures of our kāretao tōkena. :-D