Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jackson and James' Procedure - How to Paint a Picture of a Car

We did a procedure about how to paint a picture of a car on an app called Book Creator. We hope you like it. We do! ;-)

Draved and Carlos's Procedure - How to make a Matariki Whetū

We made a book on the iPads. We used Book Creator. We wrote a procedure on how to make a Matariki whetū. We hope you enjoy our book. :-)

Kingston and Neshaun's Procedure - How to make Weet-Bix.

We wrote a procedure about how to make Weet-Bix. We used Explain Everything. We hope you like it. :-D

Rocky and Lucan's Procedure - How to make a Paper Dart

We used Book Creator on the iPad. We created a procedure about how to make a paper dart. Thanks for watching our video! :-D

Merryn and Alyssa's Procedure - How to Plait your Hair

We used an app called 'Explain Everything' on the iPads to make a procedure about How to Plait your Hair. We hope you like it! :-D

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Aliyah and Laila's Procedure - How to Brush your Teeth

We used an app on the iPads called 'Explain Everything'. We made a procedure about How to Brush Your Teeth. Thanks for watching! :-)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kiwican Prize Giving

Today we had our end of term prize giving for Kiwican. Well done to Lucan and Stevie from Rūma 4 for winning a small prize. Well done to everyone for showing integrity - "Do the right thing when nobody is watching!"

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Wero o te Wiki - Wiki Tuawhitu

For our Wero o te Wiki we had to make a rōpata - a robot. We were only allowed to use sellotape, 2 x toilet rolls, 1 piece of paper, and some felts. Our rōpata had to stand up on 2 legs by itself. We also had to give it a name. We focused on being good Participators. We were sharing our ideas. We worked as a group. We took turns. We used everyones ideas. We worked as a team. Well done to the Wolverines who won! He mahi pai Stevie, Neshaun, and James :-D