Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rūma whā :-)


  1. Kia ora Rümå Whå
    We like your classroom because of the art works and the view out of the windows.

    We have rua tekau må toru tamariki in our class.
    How many tamariki are in Rümå Whå?

    your buddies

  2. Your classroom looks amazing! The art works look terrific!

    1. Thank you, that's really nice of you all! :-D

  3. Kia ora B4,

    Kei te pēhea koutou? Thankyou, do you like our Picasso faces?

    We have tekau mā tahi tamariki in our class - tino iti!

    We are going to have a good look at your blog āpopō - first thing in the morning :-)

    Ka kite tamariki mā. Hope you have had a good day, B4.

    Ngā mihi,

    Rūma Whā


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