Monday, June 8, 2015

Mahia te Sherbet - Making Sherbet

On Rāpare (Thursday) we made sherbet in Pūtaiao. We were learning about mixing acids and baking soda. The citric acid and tartaric acid were sour. Tino kawa! Our sherbet was fizzy, prickly, poppy and orangey. It tasted ka mau te wehi (amazing).


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    1. Kia ora Mr Roberts,
      It was really yummy! We loved it! We can tell you the ingredients so you can make some too!

  2. Replies
    1. Kia ora whaea Christine,
      Thanks for looking at our blog!

  3. I liked how you told us the ingredients for the sherbert. I'm guessing it tasted good - Tehya.

    Did it taste tingeling in your mouth? - Sharlisa

    I like how your experiments have photos to go with them - Zayd

    Wow Ruma Wha, you are doing lots of cool experiments. Which one has been your favourite? - Miss Weaver

    1. Kia ora Ako Ngātahi,
      Thanks for looking at our blog. Our favourite science experiment so far has been making oobleck because it felt funny. When we picked it up it was hard, then it went gooey.
      Ka kite Ako Ngātahi

  4. I wish I was here that day-Merryn😀😀😀


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