Wednesday, June 7, 2017

He aha te taima, Mr Wuruhi?

WALT (Kei te ako mātou ki te): ... tell the time in reo Māori and reo Pākehā. In pāngarau we've been learning how read hour time. We can do this in English and in Māori! We like playing 'He aha te taima, Mr Wuruhi?' - What's the time, Mr Wolf? 

Today we created a movie using iMovie and a book using BookCreator to share our learning. Which one do you like best???  


  1. Nice work you guys that was a fun video you made hope you make another one later.Marino(:

  2. Nice video I really like it bye Marino:-)

  3. Nice video I like it Bye Marino :-)

  4. Kia ora Marino, ngā mihi mahana ki a koe! He pai ki ahau hoki! Ko te tūmanako, kia tino pai tō wā whakatā :-D

  5. Hi ruma wha I think you had fun doing this I wish I was in that class still so I could do that with you's. Nga mihi nui.Na

    1. Kia ora Kaylee, thank you for watching our video. We like your comment. Ngā mihi ki a koe. Hope you enjoyed it. We bet you have fun with your friends in Room 3. Don't forget to play with your sister! Ngā Mihi Kaylee :-)

  6. Ka pai to mahi tamariki ma - Sam and Mikaylah Iri =)

  7. He rawe ngā mea e rua! Karawhiua koutou!


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