Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Super Beast - Nā Marino

We do a little bit of Tuhi Rātaka in my class. Tuhi Rātaka is diary writing - we do this for 10-15 minutes every day. I chose to write a story about a boy and a wolf. I used BookCreator to put my story on the Blog. Please don't forget to leave feedback. 


  1. Kia ora Marino,
    WOW!! What a wonderful story you have written and I agree he was the most beautiful wolf cub ever to hatch from the egg. I hope you get time to write more fabulous stories. Lots of love Taua Rosie xx

  2. Miharo rawa Marino, he pūrākau tūmeke tēnei. Kia kaha tonu ki te tuhi rātaka ia rā, kia whai hua e pēnei ana! Tapatapahī ana! Whaea Christine

  3. Kia ora Marino, he pai ki ahau tō pakiwaitara! You have the most amazing imagination and I really look forward to reading your stories each week. He pātai ki a koe - why were the 2 wolves so weak? What happened to them? :-) Whaea Rovena

  4. Tena Koe Marino

    KAI PAI, I loved your story about Ty and Zade. I like your story because it was interesting when you used awesome pictures of the wolves to help tell your story, also I could hear your reading was nice and clear to follow. Keep up the good work !!!!

    From Ani

  5. Kia ora Marino Kātahi, nā te tamaiti mōhio, ko koe! This is a great story. You found some excellent pictures of majestic wolves for your story. I think that you are clever to use BookCreator to publish your story to the blog. Have you read your story about the boy, the wolves and the egg to your brothers at home? Pāia! Arohanui nā tāua Tarn xx

  6. Marino? I like really like the you did your post. From Kaley

  7. Kia ora Marino he pai ki ahau ki te Ty and Zade story. Its like Ty 🆚 Zade. Na Mikaere 👍🏼


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