Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Kei hea a Rūma 4??

Kia ora koutou katoa. Aroha mai, sorry we were gone for so long. Our kaiako - Whaea Rovena - was growing a taniwha (he pēpi :-D) and she forgot to tell our other kaiako - Whaea Joanne - the password before she left! Mō taku hē!

We've been doing so much this year, he maha ngā mahi! Here's a quick update of what we liked...

We liked seeing all of the big kararehe at Orana Park. 
James & Katene.

We liked making the Stingray and sewing. 
Mikaere & James.

I liked seeing the planets in the Solar System. 

I liked going to the Canterbury Swim School because it was really fun there. He pai ki ahau te kauhoe! 

I liked making the waka. 

We hope to share more of our mahi with you this term. 

Rūma Wha :-) 

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