Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Tuhituhi nā Mikalyal - 'Maleficent'

This year I made a BookCreator about Maleficent. 

Shaun, Marino, and I made a BookCreator about the stories that we wrote. 

This is my story.

I hope you enjoy, and leave a comment. :-D

Mihi atu ki a koe.


  1. He pai ki ahau the way you made a story about Maleficent i hope you make a second one. From Jazaky

  2. I love Maleificent can you make a nather one. April

  3. Thanks Mikaylah you did well from Jazaky

  4. Ka pai Mikaylah you did so good but some people where shouting also you dont need
    to work on anything 😝😝. from Te Taomga and savannah

  5. ❤️ and she is my sister my daughter my sister my niece is my wife beater she said she'd been to a long time but he had to be in the hospital to help the hospital and the doctor 👨‍⚕️ the son of an American lord in the hospital after the hospital was treated for dehydration and a brother of one ☝️ who was killed in a nearby restaurant that he had found at a time in a month


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