Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Harold the Giraffe from Life Education

On Rāmere and Rāhina we went to see Harold. We learnt about healthy foods that we can eat lots of. Hua rākau (fruit) and hua whenua (veges) will give us energy.  Some cereals will too. We looked at some foods that are not healthy for us, like chips and chocolate, and cakes. We can eat these foods sometimes, not all the time. We also learnt the Banana song - we loved it!


  1. Eating healthy food helps our learning too!

  2. you guys were the best sitters ever and can you tell Ako ngatahi how to line up so well - dakota from Ako Ngatahi

  3. you guys are the best sitters ever and can you teach Ako Ngatahi how to line up really well If you can that will be awesome - dakota from Ako Ngatahi

    1. Kia ora Dakota. Thank you for saying that! We practise lining up all day every day! We can come show you all one day if you like! :-D


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