Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Koha ki ō tātou māmā!

We made these cards for Mother's Day. We made putiputi with our hands and coloured paper. In tuhituhi (writing) we have been learning about similes, so we used them in our cards. Similes can make our tuhituhi more interesting. We hope you like them! :-)


  1. I am coming to read your cards Ruma Wha.

  2. my mum likes how her card is on the blog from merryn

    1. Rawe Merryn, it's great that you have shown her some of the mahi we have been doing in Rūma 4! You are the first tamaiti from Rūma 4 to comment on our blog - ka mau te wehi!!! That means 'awesome'! :-D


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