Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hāngaia te Pā - Creating our Pā!

We have finished our first plan and are are now constructing our Pā! 

While we are constructing we are thinking about how we can be problem solvers 
and critical thinkers.  

We have some examples to show you soon... 

We would love you leave us some feedback or ask us some questions!! 
Pātai mai, kōrero mai!


  1. that we are making is a māoir
    pā nā Misty Rose tetaonga🤠👆.

    1. Kia ora Misty-Rose kōrua ko Te Taonga, I am not sure what you are trying to say... can you explain again? :-)

  2. He pai ki ahau that lots of pepole were working together and there was lots of great listening. sorry I was not at school i was really sick. I hope it was really fun!!! Maybe we can say pepeha in our assembly From Marino👍

    1. Tēnā koe Marino, kia ora mō tō arotakenga. Ko te tūmanako kei te piki ake tō hauora. Ae, tera pea ka tuku atu tātou i ngā pēpehā ā tērā wiki. :-)

  3. We all make our Pa with Our partners and partner . na misty rose.

  4. Tena koutou katoa he pai ki ahau the way you had your ideas and made your pa with boxs and all sorts of meterils. Na Arabella


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