Monday, September 11, 2017

Ngā Kakahu - Nā Arabella

Ānei tōku pukapuka. I made a book using BookCreator. It is about the colour clothes my whānau are wearing. I hope you like watching! Please leave some feedback! :-)


  1. Dear Arabella and Ruma Wha

    We listened to your story and we figured out that your mum is wearing blue trousers and green top, and your dad is wearing a brown, grey and green shirt and orange trousers!

    You all did a great job using Book Creator and reading your stories.

    from Mrs McKenzie and B4
    (sorry, I couldn't get the macrons to work)

  2. Thak you Rovena. I like that feedback. From Arabella lee marsh🤗

  3. Tena koe Arabella he pai kia ahau the way you did colors of the rainbow. Na Mikaere.

  4. Thanks Mikaere for that feed back from Arabella


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