Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Te Huarere - Nā Mikaylah

We have been learning all about te huarere in te reo Māori. I made a pukapuka using BookCreator. I really hope you like it and please remember to give me some arotakenga (feedback). Kia ora!  


  1. I love it so much.From Mikaylah🙂

  2. he pai ki ahau to anewanewa from jazaky

  3. He kaha tō reo Jazaky! He pai ki ahau hoki te āniwaniwa! Whaea Rovena :-D

  4. Hi mikaylah I like your pictues and i like your aniwaniwa because it had heaps of colours on your aniwaniwa from nevaeh.

  5. I love all your comments inspishilly Jazaky 😁


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