Thursday, September 7, 2017

Ngā Kakahu - Nā Mikaylah

Ānei tōku pukapuka. Here is my pukapuka about kakahu my whānau wears. I made it using BookCreator. I hope you like listening and please don't forget to leave feedback! :-)


  1. Hi mikaylah i like wen you had a
    quiet space from jazaky

  2. He pai ki ahau tō kiriata. He kaha tō reo. Do you know the difference between 'ōna' and 'tōna'? :-)

  3. Hi Mikaylah!
    Thank you for sharing your pukapuka! Some of the children in Team 2 have been learning to use book creator. We are not quite as advanced as you yet. can i use your pukapuka as an example for some of the children in Room 6 please!
    Fabulous effort too!
    All the best,
    Miss D

  4. Thanks miss D & Jazaky & Whaea Rovena 😋

  5. Hi Mikaylah I love the video so much. From Mikaylah 🤣😂


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